Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enterprise Extender PTFs Again

Once again the list of v5.4 Enterprise Extender recommended PTFs has left off some important patches. MF47274 & MF47275 can cause HPR-IP controllers to remain in an unusable VARY ON PENDING state, and varying them off and on again doesn't fix it.

Our lord Ib'm should have added MF47838 & MF47839 to the list. (Note that MF47838 supersedes MF47275). However there is still a problem because sometimes IPLing or restarting the system from a restricted state causes the controllers to again remain in a VARY ON PENDING state. Fortunately, this time it can be fixed by varying them off and then on again. Not a show-stopper, just an annoyance.

Ib'm support tells me there are two test PTFs that will resolve that problem too and they're in the process of granting me access to them. My advice to the users of HPR-IP controllers is to ignore MF47274, MF47838, and MF47839 until these test PTFs become available.

(Please see the comments for updates.)


  1. By the way, the test PTFs are MF49052 and MF49051. They supersede MF47274 and MF47838 respectively. I'm loading them on two of our systems this weekend to see how they do.

  2. The test PTFs are applied to two of our systems and the questionable PTFs have been removed from the third one. So far the HPRIP controllers on all three systems are working fine. This weekend the test PTFs will be applied to the third system. No word yet from our lord Ib'm on when they'll go G/A (IOW, become generally available).

  3. The test PTFs MF49051 and MF49052 have been approved for general availability. We haven't seen the problem since applying them.