Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book of SBMJOB, Chapter on CMD

Read it here.

Years ago when I was a novice studying the liturgy of the 38 System, I started writing an early version of the book of SBMJOBALT simply because it annoyed me that I couldn't prompt its Request Data (RQSDTA) chapter. Apparently, the development angels of our lord Ib'm found this frustrating too, because when the new testament of the 400 was released, the book of the SBMJOB had a new chapter named CMD that allowed prompting. That wasn't all, of course. Our most holy lord Ib'm blessed us all with two other wonderful verses for this chapter:

  1. If a CL program submits a CALL command, the program it calls will appear on the Display Program References (DSPPGMREF) output for the submitting program.
  2. On the PARM parameter of those CALL commands, the CMD parameter can also handle data in CL variables so that you don't have to build a command string beforehand.


Of course, every far-reaching testament has some annoying errors of omission. At the following link I describe two of them and my simple solutions for both: Get the SBMJOB Command's CMD Parameter to Cooperate

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