Sunday, June 02, 2013

AS/400 Gets a Mention

My favorite radio show This American Life mentioned the AS/400, twice! (Be still my beating heart.) The name of this particular episode (#496) is When Patents Attack, Part 2 and the small mention is in 2nd half of the broadcast, which you can listen to at their website.

It starts around 38 minutes into the program. I was listening to the podcast when one of the commentators said "They decide they need a specific type of computer to backup all the data, something called an AS/400." I nearly fell off my chair. I don't know why, but I became not unlike a drooling fan-boy of an obscure band, and I've just heard my favorite song of theirs on the radio. It's too bad the AS/400 expert connected to the story is part of a patent troll operation, and one of the main subjects of the show. Despite all of that, I was giddy with delight and had to share.

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