Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heads up for Those Installing v7.1

This is a heads up to any priest or lay operator planning to install v7.1 with cumulative PTF package C0229710 (or above). There is a chance that the initial IPL to apply 5770999-MF99001 (required technology refresh) could fail with SRC B600-0102. You would then be forced to drive to work and slip install LIC from your physical media.

Our lord Ib'm's support angels have instructed that one must first load PTF 5770SS1-SI40878 from the HIPER group CD image and apply it immediately. Then load PTF 5770999-MF50003 from the cumulative PTF package (currently superseded by MF50836 in the HIPER group PTF SF99709), set it to apply delayed, and IPL the system.

When the system comes up you can start installing the PTF package again. Be forewarned that your attempt to load it will result in a failure message, but this is probably nothing to be alarmed about. View previous messages and most likely you'll find that it'll be because the system wants you to IPL now to install the MF99001 PTF before anything else. Once this technology refresh PTF along with its pre and co-requisites have been applied you can continue loading and applying the rest of the cumulative PTF package. (Be sure the "initialize system is complete" message has been sent to QSYSOPR before IPLing the 2nd time.)

I was very surprised that none of this was in the instructions for the cumulative PTF package. I think it would behoove our lord Ib'm if at the very least its minions added this information to the cumulative PTF package PSP document as a heads up. For more information on the technical refresh PTF see this document: FAQ for Technical Refresh for R710.

Update (Nov 11, 2010): The minions of our lord Ib'm have "re-saved" (or re-spun) the I_BASE_01 LIC installation disk, so that it now contains the 5770999-MF99001 technology refresh, among other things. They're designating it as RS-710-B. The above problems I experienced installing v7.1 on two separate systems were presumably because I was using the re-save designated as RS-710-A, but that hasn't been proven. In any case, anyone upgrading to v7.1 is advised to install from the new re-save disk as it will probably save some headaches. For more information see this web page: IBM i Resaves.


  1. I am planning update to V7, my question is I can load the software (i have the cd) on friday and the apply (ipl) saturday?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Installing the software on a Friday and then loading/applying the PTFs the next day always works for me. Loading the into a virtual drive on the system beforehand makes it very easy to do just that.

    Hopefully you've already read the Software Installation Guide and the Memo to Users. There is a lot of preliminary steps that need to taken to prevent an installation disaster.

    Good luck, Father Joe

  3. I had load the V7 and I am ready for IPL the machine, what is the source for the IPL A, B, C, D ?

    1. Anonymous,
      To install a new O/S the source is always "D". If you've loaded the V7 CD's into an image catalog then execute PWRDWNSYS RESTART(*YES) IPLSRC(D) IMGCLG(image-catalog-name)
      Good luck, Joe