Sunday, November 21, 2010

ILE RPG %ALLOC() Built-in Function Can Fail with CEE0808

I had an interesting problem with the ILE RPG %ALLOC() built-in function recently. In one particular spot in a single program, whenever I tried to allocate some storage it failed with CEE0808 (requested storage size is not valid). The help text on the message said that the storage to be allocated was a negative number, but since it was a four byte unsigned integer that was impossible. Debugging it also showed that it was only trying to allocate a little over 3,100 bytes, so there was no issue with a signed number mapping over a huge unsigned number and mistaking it for a negative.

Searching on this message in our lord Ib'm's support site found v7.1 APAR SE44538, which fixed several problems with the RPG compiler. One of them resolved an anomaly where %ALLOC() failed with CEE0808 in programs that were optimized with *FULL, which my program was. The fixing PTF is 5770WDS-SI41005, which will require any problem programs to be re-compiled. There is a run-time PTF too that is a pre-requisite: 5770SS1-SI41000.

It's not on any cum or group packs yet and it fixes several problem, not just mine. The text of the APAR makes it look like it's a hot fix (if not HIPER), so whether you use this built-in function or not you might want to download it.

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